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Table 1 Ccnd1 4–5 over-expression increases lymphocyte division

From: The cyclin D1 carboxyl regulatory domain controls the division and differentiation of hematopoietic cells

BrdU+ CD8 + T cells (%)
Experimental Group Mouse # Mean SE p
  1 2 3 4    
EGFP+ MOCK 20.0 13.5 10.7 30.6 18.7 6.6 0.01
EGFP+ D1 4-5 32.8 16.3 18.8 41.7 27.4 9.9  
  1. LSKs were purified from 5FU-treated CD45.1 and CD45.2 wild type mice. CD45.1 LSK were transduced with a D1 4–5 coding retrovirus whereas CD45.2 LSK were transduced with the same control (Mock) virus. Equal numbers of each transduced LSK were injected simultaneously into lethally irradiated Rag mice. 3 weeks after cell transfer, the proliferation rates of the EGFP+ CD8+T subset were evaluated after 3 i.p. pulses of BrdU. Table 1 shows the % of BrdU+ CD8+T cells generated from transduced LSKs (EGFP+) Mock (CD45.2) and D1 4–5 (CD45.1) in each individual mouse (n = 4). Differences in proliferation between Mock and D1 4–5 transduced lymphocytes were evaluated by the paired Student t-test