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Figure 1

From: Synthetic lethals in HIV: ways to avoid drug resistance

Figure 1

Accessible covariation studies. Variant and accessible positions were tested by pair for covariation, if both positions are separated by less than 10 Å. 4 different statistic tests were performed for both sets (sequence from treated T, and non-treated NT patients) and both proteins (PR: protease, RT: reverse transcriptase): A: Fisher exact test, p-values <0.05 are shown. B: \( {\chi}_{ij}^2 \) p-values <0.05 are shown. C: D’, first described by Lewontin [39] and used to detect gametic disequilibrium. This result is given if Θ is >1.5 or <0.5 [14]. The D’ coefficient has a value between −1 and 1. D: the correlated coefficient r2. The result is given if Θ is >1.5 or <0.5 [14]. The r2-correlated coefficient has a value between 0 and 1. E: D’ coefficient was calculated for non-synonymous pair of positions (A-A) as well as synonymous pair of positions (S-S). Their ratio, D’AA/SS identifies the background linkage disequilibrium or in other words the fact that the sequences share a common ancestor. The result is given positive if D’AA/SS > 2.

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