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Figure 5

From: Babela massiliensis, a representative of a widespread bacterial phylum with unusual adaptations to parasitism in amoebae

Figure 5

Unique genomic features of B. massiliensis. A. Domain organization of selected proteins from families expanded in B. massiliensis. The proteins are shown roughly to scale. The identified domains are shown by block colored shapes. Homologous domains are shown by the same color. B. Genomic islands encoding putative host interaction genes. The genes are shown by block arrows, roughly to scale. Color coding is the same as in A. Proteins specific for B. massiliensis in which no known domains were identified are shown in gray; protein implicated in housekeeping functions are shown by outline arrows. For the protein families expanded in B. massiliensis the respective cluster number (eg. Cls_7) is indicated. Abbreviations: TM – transmembrane helix, SP – signal peptide, BP – beta propeller; PD –DExK is a conserved motif in the respective nuclease family.

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