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Table 2 Multi-domain proteins with multiple functions identified in E. coli

From: Genome-scale identification and characterization of moonlighting proteins

Gene ID /Protein name/uniprot ID First function Additional functions Ref.
b0002/P00561/ThrA Aspartokinase Homoserine dehydrogenase [67]
b0529/P24186/FolD Oxidation of methylenetetrahydrofolate Hydrolysis of methenyltetrahydrofolate [68]
b1241/P0A9Q7/AdhE Alcohol dehydrogenase Acetaldehyde dehydrogenase; Pyruvate-formate-lyase deactivase [69],[70]
b1888/P07363/CheA Chematoxis sensor kinase Regulation of protein; dephosphorylation [27],[71],[72]
b2255/P77398/ArnA Oxidative decarboxylation of UDP-glucuronic acid Formyltransferase [73]
b3052/P76658/HldE D-beta-D-heptose 7-phosphate kinase D-beta-D-heptose 1-phosphate adenosyltransferase [74]
b3368/P0AEA8/CysG SAM-dependent methylation NAD-dependent ring dehydrogenation; Ferrorochelation [75]
b3650/P0AG24/SpoT ppGpp synthase ppGpp hydrolase [76],[77]
b3940/P00562/MetL Aspartokinase Homoserine dehydrogenase [67]
b4390/P27278/NadR Transcriptional regulator Nicotinamide mononucleotide adenylyltransferase; Ribosylnicotinamide kinase [78]
  1. This protein is included in MoonProt.