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Figure 7

From: The Rodin-Ohno hypothesis that two enzyme superfamilies descended from one ancestral gene: an unlikely scenario for the origins of translation that will not be dismissed

Figure 7

tRNATrpAcylation by TrpRS Urzyme. A. Model of the putative interaction between TrpRS Urzyme and tRNATrp, derived from the crystal structure of the complex between human TrpRS and tRNATrp[57]. Autoradiograms documenting the acylation of tRNATrp by Wild Type TrpRS, TrpRS Urzyme, and two intermediate modular constructs, containing either CP1 or the anticodon-binding domain. B. Model for interaction of tRNAHis with HisRS4 Urzyme and autoradiograms showing acylation by HisRS1, 2, and 4 as in A. Spheres show Trp-5’AMP, and His-5’ sulfoamyladenylate. These data were published originally in [37] © The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

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