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Table 4 Selected common enriched pathways: breast cancer and ovarian cancer (all enriched in long survival/non-metastasis) Enriched pathways in both ovarian and breast cancers

From: Pathway-based classification of cancer subtypes

  Function of pathway
HSA04940_TYPE_1_DIABETES_MELLITUS Includes human leukocyte antigen (HLA) gene family, related with immune system function for protection against cancer and mediation of autoimmune disease.
HSA04060_CYTOKINE_CYTOKINE_RECEPTOR_INTERACTION Cytokines can control invasion and metastasis, and also function to inhibit tumor progression [49]
HSA04340_HEDGEHOG_SIGNALING_PATHWAY Crucial role in tumorigenesis and cancer growth and spread [50]
  1. This table contains pathways (with known relations to cancer) common to enrichment for ovarian survival and breast cancer non-metastasis. Tables 5 and 6 list cancer-related pathways enriched individually for these two phenotypes.
  2. Enriched pathways in both ovarian and breast cancers.