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Table 2 Invariant genes (between datasets) among common leading edge and Fisher-selected genes: Wang and van de Vijver data sets - see Informative Genes section for summary citations below

From: Pathway-based classification of cancer subtypes

Gene symbol Full name Summary
MAD2L1 Mitotic arrest-deficient2, S. Cerevisiae, homolog-like 1 Overexpressed in breast and ovarian cancers [31, 32]
PTTG1 Pituitary tumor-transforming gene 1 Oncogene related with breast cancer [33]
BUB1B Budding uninhibited by benzimidazoles1, S. Cerevisiae homolog of beta Overexpressed in breast cancer [31]
SQLE Squalene epoxidase Overexpressed in breast cancer and significantly inversely related to distant metastasis-free survival in early stage breast cancer [34]
E2F1 E2F transcription factor 1 Related with breast cancer outcome [35]
TSTA3 Tissue specific transplantation antigen P35B Conserved in several breast cancer subtypes [36]
  1. For each dataset common Fisher and leading edge genes were selected, and then intersected between the two datasets. Genes previously connected to cancer (with summaries) are listed here, and remaining genes are included in (Additional file 1: Table S1).