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Table 2 Rickettsiales as gene donors.

From: Gene gain and loss events in Rickettsia and Orientiaspecies

  target species function gained from
riCOGs   annotation biological process  
riCOG00139 Firmicutes Bacteroidetes nucleotidyltransferase substrate binding transferase activity SFG
riCOG00530 γ-proteobacteria putative permease transmembrane transport proto- Rickettsiales, other alpha-proteobacteria
rioriCOG00847 Bacteroidetes Na+/proline symporter histidine kinase transposase activity Orientia spp.
  1. Two riCOGs and one rioriCOG probably transferred from Rickettsia and Orientia to Firmicutes, gamma-proteobacteria and Bacteroidetes. These genes code for transferase and transposases activity.