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Figure 2

From: Some considerations for analyzing biodiversity using integrative metagenomics and gene networks

Figure 2

Histograms of the frequency of p-distances for CO1 and psb A in a Corallinales Dataset. A. Results for the CO1 dataset: the horizontal axis represents the pairwise sequence divergence (p-distances) for the specimens of a given class of frequency; the vertical axis corresponds to the number of pairs of specimens of each class. 'n' indicates the number of specimens sampled for a given locality. Barcode gaps are indicated by a star. Inferred interspecific distances are reported in green, inferred intraspecific distances are reported in red. B. Results for the psbA dataset. Same legend. On the global sampling, no barcode gap can be defined. Several discontinuities exist in the distribution, as represented by the grey area. When more data are included (data not shown), the barcode gap disappears.

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