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Figure 3

From: A mathematical model of bone remodeling dynamics for normal bone cell populations and myeloma bone disease

Figure 3

Simulation of oscillatory changes in osteoclast and osteoblast populations during normal bone modeling for which the model solutions are periodic. System of equations (1): The oscillations are stimulated by an initial increase in the number of osteoclasts by 10 cell units above the nontrivial steady state. The parameters are the same as in Fig. 2, except that g11 = 1.1. The nontrivial steady state is = 1.16, = 231.72, the initial conditions are C(0) = 11.16, B(0) = 231.72, and the bone mass parameters are k1 = .0748, k2 = .0006395. The bone mass oscillates about a normalized value of 100.

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