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Figure 4

From: A comparative genomics study of genetic products potentially encoding ladderane lipid biosynthesis

Figure 4

(a) Functional assignment of proteins in loci potentially encoding fatty acid biosynthesis in K. stuttgartiensis and D. psychrophila. In both organisms FabI was located in unrelated gene clusters that have not been displayed below. (b) Pairwise comparison (identities) of unusual proteins found in locus 1 and 2, and loci a and b, in panel 4a. Pairwise comparisons were conducted using BLAST with a BLOSUM62 matrix file and gap penalties of 11/1 (existence/extension). SAM, S-adenosyl-methionine; PCL, phenylacetyl CoA ligase; OX, oxidoreductase; GT, glycosyltransferase; PD, phytoene dehydrogenase.

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