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Figure 5

From: Human γδ T cell Recognition of lipid A is predominately presented by CD1b or CD1c on dendritic cells

Figure 5

LA recognition by human resting γδ T cells independent of CD1a and CD1d. In the groups of purified γδ T cell+LA+DC+anti-CD1a/CD1d or CD1a plus CD1d mAb, autologous irradiated moDCs were preincubated with mAbs against CD1a, CD1d, or CD1a plus CD1d respectively. Then, they were thoroughly washed. The proliferations of γδ T cells were determined by 3H-TdR incorporation. The results are expressed as mean ± SD. *P > 0.05 vs the group with anti-CD1d mAb alone, anti-CD1a alone or control group (without mAb) respectively.

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