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Table 2 Factors contributing to the variability in expression of the proteasome genes.

From: Epigenetic hereditary transcription profiles III, evidence for an epigenetic network resulting in gender, tissue and age-specific variation in overall transcription

A. Database   Contents Variance df percentage of variance
Database AA   raw date transformed to a mean of 1000 per probe    
  M females   94652,5 1549 100,0
  M males   81873,5 2293 100,0
  V females   110677,7 681 100,0
  V males   79961,4 495 100,0
Database BB   additionally:proteasome expression level removed    
  M females   50437,8 1549 53,3
  M males   50182,3 2293 61,3
  V females   58000,6 681 52,4
  V males   36647,4 495 45,8
Experimental error M females in AA (approximation by use of 2 libraries, see text) 1302,2 61 1,4
Database BB variable F test    probability
  Gender M males versus M females    0,9107
   V males versus V females    2,1693E-06
  Tissue M males versus V males    0,0179
   M females versus V females    0,0002
  Race M libraries non-whites 45008,6 1053  
   M libraries whites 1058207,3 1921 0,0135
  1. A. After transformation of the databases to a mean expression level of 1000 per probe, the proteasome expression level appears to contribute about 50% to the variance while the experimental error contributes around 1,4%. The residual variation in expression, presumably related to epigenetic factors, is also around 50%.
  2. B. Factors contributing to the residual variation in Database BB are tissue type, gender and race.