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Table 1 Cytokines (edges) and cells (nodes) in the analysis

From: The immune-body cytokine network defines a social architecture of cell interactions

Cytokines (edges) IFN-alpha IL-5 IL-13 M-CSF
  IFN-beta IL-6 IL-15 TGF-beta
  IFN-gamma IL-7 IL-16 TNF-alpha
  IFN-kappa IL-8 IL-18 TNF-beta
  IL-1 IL-9 IL-22 MIF
  IL-2 IL-10 IL-27  
  IL-3 IL-11 G-CSF  
  IL-4 IL-12 GM-CSF  
  Abbreviations used in Figures and Tables:
IFN-Interferon; IL-Interleukin; CSF-Colony Stimulating Factor;
TGF-Transforming Growth Factor; TNF-Tumor Necrosis Factor;
MIF-Migration Inhibition Factor
Immune cells (nodes) MΦ-Macrophage/Monocyte NK-T-Natural Killer T cell   
  NK-Natural Killer cell DC-Dendritic cell   
  Th1-T helper 1 EOS-Eosinophil   
  Th2-T helper 2 BAS-Basophile   
  CTL-Cytotoxic T Cell NEUT-Neutrophile   
  Tr1-T Regulatory 1 BC-B cell   
  DETC-Dendritic Epidermal T cell MAST-Mast cell   
Body cells (nodes) FIB-Fibroblast OSTb-Osteoblast   
  EPIT-Epithelial cell OSTc-Osteoclast   
  ENDO-Endothelial cell ADIP-Adipocyte   
  PLAT-Platelet SYNO-Synovial cell   
  CHON-Chondrocyte REDc-Red Blood cell   
  NEUR-Neuronal cell EPID-Epidermal cell   
  SMmus-Smooth muscle cell MELA-Melanocyte   
  SKmus-Skeletal muscle cell