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Table 6 Summary of the results of consistency tests

From: Generalization of DNA microarray dispersion properties: microarray equivalent of t-distribution

  t-test: P < 0.010 Coincidence RMA
Above or Below above below above above
Mean of 4-sample test 58.2 72.0 29.4 40.4
Common to 2 sets (mean) 13.5 20.5 22.1 32.9
SD 2.3 2.8 3.4 6.0
Ratio % 23.2 28.5 75.2 81.4
  Coincidence, interval 0.9 Coincidence, interval 0.8 t-test P = 0.0016  
Mean of 3-samples test (7 of 9) 12.3 17.5 11.0  
Common to 2 sets (average) 10.2 16.7 5.3  
Ratio (%) 83.0 95.2 48.2  
  1. a) The t-test, coincidence test and RMA on MG-U75Av2 array (five samples; data Ref. [15]). The data were subject to one-tail t-test at the level 0.01, coincidence test and RMA. The coincidence and RMA tests were not carried out for the cases below the interval, since the numbers of occurrences were too small. The means of positive cases in five four-sample tests are given. The means of genes common to any two trials are shown. Ratio of the means is given in percent. b) The t-test and coincidence test, Illumina (four samples; data Ref. [8]). The second and third column list the number of genes identified by the coincidence method for the interval 0.9 and 0.8, respectively. The last column shows the numbers of genes that satisfied the t-test. The first and second rows of data give the mean number of genes that passed three-sample sets and the mean of the genes passing concurrently in two particular tests, respectively.